Before making a booking please read over the table of charges and conditions of let below 

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Table of Charges 

Band 1 Community Groups £15 per hour or part thereof
Band 2 Semi Commercial & Children’s Parties £20 per hour or part thereof Prices are per area of the centre. Block booking of the whole centre is possible – please enquire
Band 3 Commercial Business £35 per hour or part thereof.  Prices are per area of the centre.  lock booking of the whole centre is possible – please enquire

Avoch Sea Scout Training


Community Centre

Conditions of Let

  1. The centre is run by The Scout Association and is open for community use.
  2. A booking form must be completed for all lets and received by the centre at least 10 working days before a let is required.  
  3. Please note submitting a form does not constitute acceptance of the let, as the applicant will be advised (by e mail as standard) if the booking can be accommodated.
  4. Lets are subject to the charges approved by 1st Avoch Sea Scouts, a copy of the current Table of Charges is attached.
  5. Approved lets are not transferable and are only valid for the accommodation, dates and purposes stated on the booking form. All preparation and tidying up must take place within the booked times and only the areas of the facility noted on the booking form can be used. Hirers who exceed the booked times or use un-booked areas will be subject to an additional charge.
  6. Ongoing lets throughout the year must be renewed by 1st April. Whilst regular users will have priority for their booking, this is subject to agreement by 1st Avoch Sea Scouts.
  7. All lets will terminate by 10pm except where a specific extension has been given. Where appropriate, a surcharge will be levied.
  8. The hirer must provide prior notice of cancellation to the Sea Scouts at least 48 hours (i.e. 2 full working days) before the time that a let is booked otherwise the let will be charged in full.
  9. Where children, “protected adults” or adults who may be “at risk” are involved in activities during the period of a let – whether as committee members, staff, volunteers or participants – the hirer must have read and ensured that they comply with the document “Child & Adult Protection Guidance for Community Groups in Highland”. Please note this guidance also applies to self-employed individuals providing activities for these groups.
  10. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that they have appropriate insurance cover and that this in place before the let. The Sea Scouts will not be liable for any damage to or loss of property brought to or left in the premises, for any injury to members of the public or for damage to the centre premises arising out of the let.
  11. The hirer is responsible for the good conduct of all present during the let and for the preservation of good order in and around the centre.
  12. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that a person/people with appropriate experience and qualifications for the safe delivery of the activities they are providing supervises and is in attendance during the duration of the let.
  13. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all appropriate licences and permits are in place prior to the start of a let.
  14. The hirer is responsible for ensuring compliance with any emergency regulation or special or any other regulations in force. Hirers must familiarise themselves with the Fire Regulation Procedures for the premises bring these the attention of their members/participants. All exits from the premises must be kept clear of obstruction at all times.
  15. Hirers must not display or affix materials such as posters, flyers, signboards either within or outwith the centre unless with the prior agreement of the Sea Scouts. The Sea Scouts reserve the right to levy an additional charge to make good any damage to centre property as a result of unauthorised use of such materials.
  16. Any damage to the premises, furniture or equipment found prior to the start or during the course of the let must be reported to the warden.
  17. Any additional costs incurred in cleaning or restoring premises to original condition which are not allowed for in the duration of the let will be subsequently charged to the hirer.
  18. The storage of any items in the centre either before or after a booking is not permitted unless with the prior agreement of the Sea Scouts. The Sea Scouts reserve the right to make charges for storage. Left or unstored items may be removed without notice.
  19. The Sea Scouts operates a strict ‘No Smoking’ policy including use of e-cigarettes within the centre.
  20. The consumption of alcoholic drinks is only allowed with the express permission of the Sea Scouts.  Where approved, alcohol may only be consumed by those over 18; may be subject to licensing laws, and will require suitable and safe management of the premises and those attending.
  21. If the hirer wishes to use equipment which is the property of the Sea Scouts, this must be requested on the application form. An additional charge may be made for the use of equipment.
  22. The Sea Scouts reserve the right to allow or refuse a booking or terminate or cancel a let at any time without a reason being given. The Sea Scouts will refund any charges paid and not due by reason of such cancellation or termination.
  23. Authorised officials and leaders of the Sea Scouts shall be entitled, in the course of their duty, to free access to the premises during the period of the Let. People using the premises must comply with all reasonable directions or instructions given to them.
  24. Invoices will normally be sent out on a monthly basis for regular groups.  These are payable immediately.  Further bookings will only be taken or existing bookings honoured if the hirer’s account is fully up to date.
  25. Lets are generally self serviced.  It is a requirement that users must clean up within the booked time.  A cleaning charge may be made by the Sea Scouts should users leave the centre in an unacceptable condition. 
  26. Bookings are based on hourly rates.  There is no grace period or half hour rates.
  27. Reference should be made to the Hall Users Guide, which forms part of the conditions of let.
  28. For groups granted keyholder status, all usage must be booked in advance.  There is no right of entry at any other time. Group keyholders are responsible for the key/card and ensuring that the building is secure.
  29. Return of keys/cards may be asked for at any time and without reason
  30. User groups should not interfere with equipment belonging to others
  31. Sea Scout stores can be hazardous. Supervision of young people is important at all times- please use only the areas you have booked in advance.

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